10 Buck Luck

Looking for a way to boost sales?
Offer 10 Buck Luck!

10 Buck Luck
It plays all eight of the Wisconsin Lottery's lotto games with one push of a button!

    • Eight lotto games for $10.
    • It’s a quick pick for the next draw.
    • Includes: $2 Powerball, $2 Mega Millions, $2 All or Nothing, $1 Megabucks, $1 SuperCash! and $1 Badger 5 tickets, and $.50/ea box tickets for Pick 3 and Pick 4. 10 Buck Luck is located in under the "Lotto Combo" Button on the terminal.

10 Buck Luck - A powerful sales option for those who play the Lotto daily, or for those who play Lotto games frequently.

An easy sale at the push of one button!

Be sure all your lotto customers are aware of 10 Buck Luck!