Marketing Materials


Point of Sale

Contact your field marketing representative to place an order for signs.
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Small Coroplast Signs
24" wide by 32" long

Large Coroplast Signs
32" wide x 48"long

pos calendar
Badger 5 Calendar
6" wide x 5" tall

Winner Announcement
Winner Announcement
8.5" x 11" (PDF, 538KB)

pos jackpot
Jackpot Sign
19.5" wide by 5.5" high

play center
Play Center - Multi-User Game Station (MGS) - Short Top

Short Top Play Station is designed with two writing surfaces. One located approximately 30 inches from the floor for easy handicap accessibility and the other at approximately 40 inches from the floor.

  • This model has convenient locations for play slips, game literature, pencils and /or attached pen and poster area.
  • Minimal footprint only 24"w x 16.75"d
  • 16 accessible literature/brochure holders
  • Size: 64"h x 26"w x 16.4"d


play center -short top
Play Center - Short Top

Standard Features:

  • Five brochure pockets across the top
  • 9 pocket literature holder
  • Clear writing surface area can be used to display promotional material
  • Size: 16"h x 24"w x 16"d

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