Questions - Prospective Retailers

The only costs to retailers are a $75 application fee and a $25 license fee. Lottery equipment, supplies and training are provided at no cost, pending approval of the application.

Your application will be processed by our retailer contracting department as quickly as possible. Once you're approved, a Lottery representative will call to schedule equipment installation and training.

The Lottery provides the necessary equipment and installation, free of charge.

Lottery retailers receive a 6.25% commission on scratch ticket sales and a 5.5% commission on on-line sales. Retailers in good standing are eligible for the Lottery's Retail Performance Program to earn additional incentives for sales increases, selling big winning tickets and participating in special short-term sales incentives. The Lottery also provides (free of charge!) equipment, training, signage, merchandising materials, and promotional and special events support.

It is required by law that credit and criminal background investigations are performed for the owners, officers, directors of any business that applies to be a Wisconsin Lottery retailer. The information requested in the personal information section of the application is required to perform those investigations. Applications cannot be processed without this information.

Completed applications with all necessary attachments are processed in approximately 3-8 weeks. Applications that are submitted without all of the required information, signatures and attachments cannot be processed until the required information is complete.

Yes, retailers may play the Lottery.

No, it is not required that you be a citizen of the United States, or a Wisconsin resident, to become a Lottery retailer.

No. By state law, Lottery retailers cannot limit their business to Lottery sales only.